Siamo molto fiere di condividere il successo della application di Chiara al European Data Protection Board ed inclusione nella lista del pool di esperti di supporto!

Stamattina abbiamo ricevuto la mail che dice: 

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that your application has successfully past the evaluation of the eligibility, exclusion and selection criteria set up in the provisions of points 4., 5. and 6. of the Corrigendum D (2022) 0352 2022/S 036-091761 “Establishment of a List of Individual Experts for the implementation of the EDPB’s Support Pool of Experts” for one of the fields of expertise mentioned in the point 3. “Fields of expertise sought” of the Corrigendum as above – [A. “Technical expertise in new technologies and information security… “] [B. “Legal expertise in new technologies … “].

Therefore, you will be included in the sub- list related to the field as above of a list in order to be invited eventually to submit an offer or/and to participate in one or more projects in this field.

Yours faithfully,

The EDPB Secretariat